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  1. Special Education or IEP-Related Questions? Consult SPEDTex, the Texas Special Education Information Center. This is a resource backed by TEA to inform and support parents, teachers, and anyone committed to the success of children with disabilities. Phone: SPEDTEX ().
  2. In December , eSped was acquired by Frontline Education. While the name has changed to Frontline Special Education Management, the same great product, service & support remain. With Frontline Special Education Management, you can: Manage the special education process and improve the quality of IEPs.
  3. When you click the “Show more info” button, you can see your upload speed and connection latency (ping). gukswordcasternador.xyzinfo provides two different latency measurements for your Internet connection: “unloaded” and “loaded” with traffic.
  4. Parent Resources. SPED Hearing Officers List (docx) Alaska Parents' Guide (pdf) For a copy please contact DEED Special Education Office at () or email Amy Miller; Alaska Family Directory.
  5. Special Education Topics includes information about the different exceptionality areas; international special education; hot topics in special education; and professional practice topics such as assessment, evidence-based practices and inclusion.
  6. sped a derogatory term meaning retard. comes from the phrase special education may also be used as sped sled, meaning the short little school buses all the special ed kids ride on Oh my god, I'm such a sped.
  7. An official website of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency. My SPēD Certification Username: First Time Users: Password.
  8. The Security Professional Education Development (SPēD) Certification Program is part of the Department of Defense's (DoD) initiative to professionalize the security workforce.
  9. Sped and speeded are both standard inflections of the verb to speed, and neither is more correct than the other. The old rule, purveyed in many English reference books, holds that speeded works only in the past-tense phrasal verb speeded up, but this recommendation is dated.

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