Infernal Truth - Various - Underground Rot Compilation (CDr)

8 thoughts on “ Infernal Truth - Various - Underground Rot Compilation (CDr)

  1. LIST CD ORIGINAL EDGUY superheroes. hrg Rp rb made japan HELLOWEEN time of the oath isi 2 cd hrg Rp rb made in japan 9TH ENTITY - Diabolical Enticement Of Blood And Lust.
  2. Nazxul Slowly We Rot Compilation CD #7 David and Heather Williams, I hope Brutality to have them besides me for the Arthedain - Visions of Fire upcoming Slowly We Rot issues,
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  4. SPNet - Various Artists - Fun Night, Rough Morning - The SP Intoxication Compilation SPNet - Various Artists - VK LOBIT COMPO SPNet - PHANTASM NOCTURNES - MEMORIES IN A BROKEN MIND SPNet - Swin Deorin - Huip Walki EP SPNet - Toxic Chicken - Party With Jesus SPNet - RO-or - new game SPNet - Various Artists - Letters to Everett.
  5. Various Artists - Punishment for Fuckin' Metalheadz 4 (compilatie Thrash Death Black) - 15 Various Artists - Pushing the Stone - A Homage to ROT (Compilation featuring: AUTOPHAGIA, BIZARRE X, DEMISOR, LYMPHATIC PHLEGM, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, MESRINE, TU CARNE, VOMITO, etc) -
  6. CLEW OF THESEUS “The Death Urge” LP [Mitteilung 34] Two long tracks of organic, brooding drone with raw, darker undertones. Bleak and unsettling ambiances with a distinct oppr.
  7. Slowly We Rot Compilation CD #5 Madrax - Pyromaniac We use it in various ways in BLODARV and each has layers of meaning. I can say when we use it on the “flag” it refers to the.
  8. Well deranged friends, it's in its final stage, so here's Eyes Of The Dead plans for On the beginning of the new year we'll probably release the ACTIVE STENOSIS full lenght, "Succumbed To Infection", you could check the previous post to get some gukswordcasternador.xyzinfo no less than a storm of pathological violence and machinegun drumming!

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