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  1. Get this from a library! Sacred silence: denial and the crisis in the church. [Donald B Cozzens] -- Bearer of the Word and champion of the oppressed, the Church nevertheless displays a puzzling propensity to denial and silence when faced with realities that threaten her centuries-old structure. In.
  2. Alfred T. DeGroot, like all who minimize the Holy Spirit or Mind of Christ in words (John ), turns the Law of Silence upside down to ridicule those who believe in Christ's power to reveal His Will at least as enduring as the Law of Moses. This is why musical churches regularly affirm their own sectarian decisions by defining those faithful.
  3. a priest under the Law. Therefore, there had to be a change of Law (Heb ) because Jesus is our High Priest (Heb ). Silence speaks loudly.-Heb -In this passage, the focus is on showing that Jesus is higher than the angels. To do so, the. writer appeals to silence.
  4. I wonder if much of our silence, our squirming and palpable discomfort, regarding the exposure of sexual abuses is wrapped up in our guilt, shame, or brokenness over our own sexual sins.
  5. Biblical Authority and the "Silence" of the Scriptures: Does it Allow or Disallow? by Jefferson David Tant. For hundreds of years, believers in the Bible have discussed the question of “the silence of the Scriptures.” Does silence indicate a lack of authority, and thus whatever is not specifically condemned is .
  6. Order for a Blessing to be Used in Various Circumstances (nos. ) For all concerned with any civil or public crisis or disorder. Orders for the Blessing of the Sick or Injured (nos. ) For those who are ill, injured or in recovery. Suggested Intercessions for Mass.
  7. Presbyterian Church in the U.S. v. Mary Elizabeth Blue Hull Mem’l Presbyterian Church, U.S. , (). When such conflicts arise in North Carolina civil actions, our courts must ask the following: May the court resolve the dispute using only neutral principles of law?
  8. SETON HALL LAW REVIEW Vol. Recently, however, as the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church has escalated in the media, there has been a public call for accountability.7 A recent survey found that “at least U.S. priests have been accused of .
  9. For many years the Independent Christian Church has ridiculed this argument. These folks allege that silence is not prohibitive. One of the leaders of the movement is Given O. Blakely. In a recent issue of Banner of Truth (July, ), Blakely addressed the matter. God’s silence is not a governing factor in matters pertaining to life and.

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