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  1. Synonyms for slave-driver include oppressor, despot, tyrant, autocrat, bully, dictator, intimidator, persecutor, scourge and tormentor. Find more similar words at.
  2. OVERSEER AND DRIVEROVERSEER AND DRIVER. If the slaveholders were to be believed, their overseers were a low-bred class of scoundrels whose management of the southern slaves swung erratically from violent abuse to lackadaisical incompetence. The truth was more complicated. Overseers were the middlemen of the antebellum South's plantation hierarchy.
  3. slave driver definition: 1. a person who directs or oversees the work of slaves 2. any merciless taskmaster.
  4. A slave woman who spurned a driver’s advances, however, might find herself isolated in a remote section of the field, and thus vulnerable to the driver’s amorous assaults, or assigned impossible tasks so that the vengeful driver could punish her under the guise of sound labor management.
  5. slave driver GIFs Sort: Relevant Newest black, freedom, justice, black lives matter, slavery # black # freedom # justice # black lives matter # slavery.
  6. The Thuggee Slave Driver was the master of the slaves that the Thuggee cult enslaved. He was a hulking, powerful Thuggee who was ruthless and violent towards the slave children who were working in the mines below the Pankot gukswordcasternador.xyzinfo fought Indiana Jones in a mine cart during the level Free the Slaves in the Temple of Doom section of the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures video game.
  7. Jul 02,  · Slave Driver spectres use a lightning spell. So, you hit a boss with Armageddon Brand which is fire damage. It will proc EE: monsters will get +25% fire res and % lightning and cold res. Elemental Equilibrium appears as pink circles under monsters.
  8. Slave driver definition is - a supervisor of slaves at work. How to use slave driver in a sentence.
  9. Driver and overseer, brief overview, in online Encyclopedia of American History, from gukswordcasternador.xyzinfo Letter of a black overseer/driver to his master, , in Slavery and the Making of America (PBS) Peter, A slave on the plantation of Charles Pettigrew (brother of William), North Carolina, from the North Carolina Museum of History.

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